The Department of Metrology provides services for metrological support for the creation, modernization, commissioning, operation of measuring systems (IS), incl. automated control systems, commercial and technical accounting of electricity, telemechanics, communications, etc.

“Services for metrological support (MO) are provided to organizations that create measuring systems and measuring instruments, develop documentation in the field of measurements, but do not have an accredited metrological service. The need for MO to create and operate IS of all participants in the WECM, as well as other producers, suppliers and consumers of electricity - all organizations that conduct commercial accounting of electricity, control its quality parameters, who own (or who only want to install such systems) measuring systems or means measurements in this area, - established by the requirements of the Federal Law of June 26, 2008 No. 102-FZ "On Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements" and the regulations of the WECM".

As part of metrological support, the following works are carried out:

Metrological examination of design, engineering, technological and operational documentation for measuring, information and control systems;
Development of sections on metrological support of technical specifications, projects, operational documentation of measuring systems;
Development of design estimates for work on metrological support;
Development of measurement techniques (methods) using any measuring systems;
Certification of techniques (methods) for measuring electrical energy and power using commercial electricity metering systems;
Development of methods for primary and periodic metrological maintenance (verification, calibration) of measuring channels of measuring systems and measuring instruments;
Preparation of documentation sets, organization of tests and support of procedures for type approval and verification of measuring systems and measuring instruments in the bodies of Rostekhregulirovanie;
Preparation of passports-protocols of information-measuring complexes of measuring systems, their coordination in the bodies of Rostekhregulirovanie;
High-quality MO will allow not only to meet the requirements of supervisory authorities, federal laws, rules and regulations, but also reduce costs associated with unreliable measurement information, uncontrolled uncertainty of measurement results when accounting for energy, conducting the technological process as a whole, etc.

Results of our work

The controller, AIIS KUE and APCS of the customer will be registered as a measurement device, the whole range of issues on MO will be resolved with minimal participation of the Customer.

Measuring systems and measuring instruments of the customer will be legitimate for use in the areas of distribution of state supervision (according to Article 1 No. 102-FZ)

Full metrological support of measuring systems from the design stage to decommissioning, including metrological maintenance of operation, will remove the problem that is often encountered at present: unforeseen expenses for metrological support of systems created but not allowed to operate due to inadequate metrological support.